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As a successful business owner, I’m¬†known for creating innovative programs and solving problems. As a City Councilor, I modeled this behavior which served me well.


  1. Use evidence-based decision making processes that research, evaluate and discuss all sides of the issue while tempering emotion with facts.
  2. Consider all ideas based on their merit regardless of who brought the idea, who receives the credit or who will benefit.
  3. Never publicly disparage our community and negotiate in a professional manner, not in the media.
  4. Extend gratitude to all the talented and thoughtful people who work tirelessly to make Carmel a very special place to live.

I believe I have adhered to these principles faithfully.

S.E. District Results

  • Removed Stop Sign at 126th and Auman within 27 days of taking office. (as promised)

  • Pushed for reconstruction of 96th and Keystone interchange as well as 96th St. intersections.
  • Held regular SE District Town Hall meetings.
  • Published a monthly newsletter to increase transparency and provide District news not available from other sources.
  • Established the Street Light Task Force Committee.
  • Authored Feral Cat ordinance based on a complaint from residents.
  • Authored the Public Art Commission to provide citizen input to Mayor for placement of art in public spaces.
  • Co-lead project to upgrade City Hall Video system to provide all meetings to the public in real time and in high quality.
  • Ordered speed humps on 98th Street in response to neighborhood concerns.
  • Initiated installation of noise mitigation equipment for air conditioning chiller at Woodbrook Elementary School.
  • Implemented road closure for Plum Creek Village during RAB construction to decrease dangerous cut through traffic.
  • Initiated on behalf of the residents, the transfer of Townhomes at Hazel Dell streets to the City.
  • Requested replacement of missing flags at the 126th St. Water Plant.
  • Secured $650 from a farmer for neighbors of Sycamore Springs for rank vegetation issue.
  • Secured street light for the school bus stop in Inglenook neighborhood.
  • Worked with IPL to move their power lines onto Duke Energy Poles to reduce the number of poles adversely affecting residents on Gray Road.
  • Requested and obtained landscaping of median on 116th and River Road, when there was none.
  • Worked with Park Director to keep running track at Monon Center free to Carmel residents.
  • Established No parking on Randall Road, Pebblepointe Pass.

For The Community At Large

  • Worked to provide a vibrant community by creating economic development opportunities, a thriving arts community, growth in parks and recreation and supporting local business.
  • Volunteered my time to activities designed to create a vibrant active community such as Carmelfest, International Arts Festival, Porchfest, Christkindlmarkt, and the Carmel Public Library Foundation.