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Here's what Carmel residents say about Jeff Worrell.

Jeff Worrell, our councilman was invited to take a look and he saw the danger. Very quickly he had an entourage of city departments viewing during busy hour. So thank you to Councilor Worrell and all of Carmel government who responded with the sense of urgency this situation required.

Don H. Plum Creek Village

Jeff has always been sensitive and responsive to the issues I have presented to him.  Jeff has demonstrated to the residents of Plum Creek Village that he is someone who understands how to integrate the needs of the local community (HOA) within the framework of the larger community of Carmel.”

CE Q. Plum Creek Village

I am honored to support Jeff Worrell as our current City Council Member for Carmel. We have seen firsthand Worrell’s energy and dedication to our community, and I know that he will be a strong voice for all families. Jeff spends significant time in the field proactively listening to constituents.

Mike K Williamson Run

In the three years I have known Jeff, I have found him to be extremely knowledgeable and sincerely concerned about the issues affecting our community and Carmel at large. Jeff has my full endorsement in seeking an at large seat on the City Council.

Bill C. Waterstone

I have found that Jeff Worrell sets the bar high as the standard of a great councilman and representative. He has been incredibly responsive to our HOA community at Waterstone. He works hard to help create a better, progressive Carmel. I support his leadership and continued service to the city.

Chuck L. Windpointe Pass

I want to thank you again for all the help you have given me concerning problems I had with the city regarding an untended median. If all councilmen/women were as readily helpful as you are it would be a much better world for everyone. It has been a great pleasure working with you and I wish you very best of luck for your future plans and look forward to reading about your successes with and for the people of Carmel.

Melanie M. Southeast District

I am age 85 and have also lived in the Chicago and New York City area. I have enjoyed and learned from both Brookshire Village annual meetings where that you have attended and talked about Carmel City issues. Your email reports to the citizens you represent are the finest and most complete I have even viewed. You are doing a terrific job representing the citizens in our District! Please keep it up. May God bless you and don’t exhaust yourself.

Ken Mc. Brookshire Village

My wife and I were extremely annoyed with the whining of the near-by air conditioner at Woodbrook Elementary School so we contacted our councilman, Jeff Worrell, for help. If the working definition of a public servant is “An elected official who works to solve the problems of his public,” Jeff is the Poster Boy of that definition. We wholeheartedly support him in his quest for Councilman-at-Large.

Barbara & Richard G. Woodland Springs

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As a successful business owner, I’m known for creating innovative programs and solving problems. As a City Councilor, I modeled this behavior which served me well.

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I feel one of my most important roles as a city councilor is to keep my constituency informed and be ready and available to answer questions or address issues. If you contact me, I will respond to your request.

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When you place your vote for me as your City Councilor, I realize you place your trust in me to be your voice. I do not take this role lightly.

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Keeping It Positive I made a commitment to voters when I started my campaign to KEEP IT POSITIVE. I promised to always do what was in the best interest of our City and it’s citizens. […]

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