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Reasons to Vote for Jeff


Public Safety

Growth and Development

Responsive Government


What I'm Hearing:

  • Local families are proud of their schools.
  • Many families moved here because of the reputation of the public schools.
  • Voters are concerned about the amount of money the school spends and taxes the community.
  • Compared to other area schools, Carmel Public Schools are fiscally responsible for budgets. 

My Priorities Are:

Working with Carmel schools as a strong economic development partner. 

Providing exceptional support through our police and fire departments to ensure student safety. 

Supporting a strong local economy that will ensure outstanding careers for our graduates. 

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Carmel is a city that values education and provides a wide range of opportunities for children to learn and grow. With both public and private schools, an excellent public library, and a variety of social, physical, and knowledge-based experiences, Carmel's culture of learning contributes to the mental health of the entire community. As a council member, supporting education options, both public and private, is a top priority. The high quality of Carmel's public schools also serves as an economic development partner, attracting new high-quality businesses and their employees, which helps keep residential property tax rates low. Additionally, outstanding public schools contribute to the stability of home values in the city, and a diploma from Carmel High School is a respected and valued credential that opens doors for future opportunities to thrive for our graduates. 

If you have thoughts on this, let’s chat.


What I'm Hearing:

  • Families feel safe in Carmel but are concerned about property crime in their neighborhoods
  • People are confident in their local police department and police officers training and skills
  • Families are proud of their Fire Department and have a good relationship with local firefighters

My Priorities Are:

Continuing to work with neighborhood associations and local public safety departments to promote crime watch, youth education, drug awareness and safety related outreach.

Foster programs to promote mental health awareness and responsiveness through sound planning and accommodation.

Ensure that our fire department and police departments have exceptional training and equipment to keep families and businesses safe through sound budgeting and fiscal management.

Carmel is regularly rated one of the safest cities in the United States. We can be proud of the hard work that our police and firefighters do every day to keep us safe. Carmel has undergone exceptional growth from the sleepy town of the 80’s to today.  With that growth has been an increase in crime.  Carmel has been a frontrunner in promoting transparency in its Crime Watch dashboard which helps to educate the public on the types of crimes and their locations.  Carmel has a very low incidence of violent crime, and the types of property crimes which occur in every community, such as burglary, theft and motor vehicle theft are comparatively low.   

Our fire department operates out of six strategically placed stations in the city.  The department has consistently proven a high level of commitment to customer service.  I have and will continue to work with the department in ensuring their ability to provide exceptional programs and firefighting services. 

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What I'm Hearing:

  • Carmel has gone overboard in building apartments resulting in too many people in the city.  Individuals fear that the rapid increase in population will lead to more crime and safety issues.
  • Homeowners are proud of their neighborhoods but have concerns about the type of development that might happen next door. 
  • Some citizens believe the growth is being supported by tax policy that is creating too much debt and risk for everyone. 

My Priorities Are:

I will continue to support strong zoning and planning oversight that will ensure that neighborhoods will not see unacceptable growth impacting the quality of life and value of homes in Carmel. 

I will continue to work for careful planning that sustains a high environmental standard and sustainability for our city as we finish out much of our city core.   

I pledge to keep mental health in our city a priority as supported by a high quality of life including the development of transportation options and continued focus on recreation and walkability in our growth. 

As I listen to Carmel residents, I constantly hear a concern over the number of apartments being built in Carmel.  The concerns are real, but the solutions are somewhat difficult to realize.  The fact is that Carmel is growing quickly and not everyone in this community can find or afford the large lawn and four-bedroom home in a Carmel neighborhood.  Nor should they be forced into a housing conformity that doesn’t make sense for young professionals, empty nesters, and young families who are locating in Carmel as new hires or transfers. 

So, we have options: townhomes, condos, apartments, and income-based housing to meet the needs of our residents.  What is clear from several studies is that Carmel is not meeting the needs of our new residents and our current residents who want to downsize or transition into something different.  What I can do is insist that we keep high standards that says to developers, “You will build what we want to see in Carmel related to design, safety, amenities and not what you might want to build.”   

If you have thoughts on this, let’s chat.

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What I'm Hearing:

  • Dealing with government is often a painful and frustrating experience. 
  • Carmel has several local employees who are viewed as outstanding public servants. 
  • Carmel is pretty good but needs improvement in allowing public input and suggestions. 

My Priorities Are:

Continuing an active and open forum for voters to share their ideas and concerns through my “Let’s Chat” program, public forums, HOA meetings and surveys that I can then share with my colleagues on the city council. 

Giving our citizens a single point of contact to praise or critique our government employees and provide suitable recognition for excellent service. (With proper response as needed when employees disappoint.) 

Working with the administration to set new goals and standards for customer service from government in Carmel.  Providing the training and support needed to reach high levels of citizen satisfaction. 

Responsive government is critical to ensuring that the voices of voters are heard, and their concerns are addressed. It is essential for a government to be accountable and transparent, and elect officials who are willing to listen, hear, and respond to the needs of their constituents. When a government is responsive, it builds trust and confidence in the community, which leads to greater civic engagement and participation. Responsive government also helps to ensure that policies and decisions are made with the best interests of the people in mind, leading to better outcomes for everyone.  

I understand the importance and need to prioritize responsive government and am committed to representing my constituents' needs and interests. 

If you have thoughts on this, let’s chat.

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Commitment to Community

Traffic Solution

Removed a traffic clogging stop sign at Auman and 126th Street per the request of neighbors in that area within 27 days of taking office.

Traffic Intersection

Modernized the intersection of Keystone & 96th Interchange which was plagued with traffic delays and safety issues. Through efforts with the Council and the Administration, the exchange was completed in 2020.  

Landscaping Improvement

Improved landscaping of RAB's at 126th and Gray and 116th and Gray per requests received at Waterstone HOA meeting and implemented a new landscaping plan. 

Let's Talk Carmel

Co-created Let’s Talk Carmel website with Councilor Sue Finkam to provide answers to citizen questions and maintain an answer database for future reference.  

Regular Town Hall Meetings

Instituted regular Town Hall meetings as a city councilor.  

Monthly Newsletter

Initiated a monthly newsletter in 2016 aimed at providing transparency and sharing information not available from other sources.  

Street Light Task Force

Established the Street Light Task Force Committee which established procedures for neighborhoods to acquire street lights.

Feral Cat Ordinance

Authored a feral cat ordinance in response to citizen complaints.

Public Art Committee

Sponsored the ordinance to create the Public Art Committee to provide input to the administration on the placement and purchase of public art.

City Hall Video System

Co-led the upgrade of the City Hall video system to provide real-time, high-quality video access for public meetings in order to make it easier for residents to stay informed about their government.

CHS Neighborhood Parking

Developed a successful new ordinance and signage, with citizen input, to address a parking problem in neighborhoods surrounding CHS. This problem caused unsafe roads and too much congestion for fire and ambulance service.

AED Task Force

Created and chaired an AED Task Force consisting of multiple departments and agencies. Placed temperature controlled outdoor AED and Stop Bleed Kits cabinets along the Monon Trail and key locations and currently working on Save Stations in every Carmel park.

The GOAT Reopens

Negotiated terms to allow the GOAT restaurant to co-exist with neighbors and work towards reopening.

A More Diverse Carmel

Lobbied, spoke out and voted for the purchase of statues that better represent diversity in our city.

Needlers Grocery Store

Led the effort to bring Needlers Grocery Store to the blighted strip center at 126th and Gray. Worked with surrounding neighbors to develop landscaping and buffer areas.

LIT Compromise

Negotiated LIT compromise with Fishers leadership to decrease the negative impact to Carmel of threatened legislation by the State.

City Controller Reinstated

Intervened to reinstate a highly qualified key employee, who was arbitrarily terminated in a political move, ensuring that the annual audit of the city's finances was completed on time. This employee's expertise has led to appointment as City Controller.

Welcome to Home Place Sign

Led the effort to replace the Welcome to Home Place signs when they were vandalized.

Monon Center Running Track Access

Worked with the Parks Director to ensure that running tracks in the Monon Center would remain free for use by Carmel citizens.

Endorsements & Testimonials

Endorsed by both your local police officers and firefighters

The membership was pleased to review your platform, and believe your candidacy is worth supporting.  

Matthew Broadnax

Vice President


Carmel Firefighters' number one priority is to keep the citizens of Carmel safe.  Jeff Worrell has continuously supported that  commitment and made public safety his priority as well.  We are proud to endorse him for City Council.

JC Mitchell



We appreciate your continued service and dedication to the future of Carmel, and for your partnership with MIBOR on key issues with which we have expertise.

Lacey Everett

Director of Political Affairs