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An Innovative Business Leader

Jeff Worrell is a well-known figure in Carmel, Indiana, and is highly regarded for his energy and passion in promoting the city. You will often find him at public functions, and even as an emcee at charity events. Jeff is a fully committed representative of the city and its residents, and he takes the time to listen carefully to his constituents' concerns and needs before taking action. 

If you want to get to know Jeff better, you should know that his passion for helping others started when he became a team manager for various athletic teams in high school and college. He noticed that athletes often suffered from recurring knee injuries, so he helped develop a prophylactic knee brace that prevented such injuries, which eventually led him to create a successful business, Advanced Medical. His success in business fostered his skills as an entrepreneur and in leadership, which he now applies to his work in government. 

A Passionate Community Servant

Jeff's commitment to service and empathy is evident in his leadership roles on various boards and committees, including the St. Vincent-Carmel Hospital Board, Carmel Christkindlmarket Board, Carmel Fest Board, Rotary Club of Carmel, Good Day Carmel, and directing the Carmel Fireworks show each Fourth of July. He seeks to connect with the community and find solutions that include input and collaboration from everyone involved.

Jeff's time on the Carmel City Council and related committees has been marked by his commitment to taxpayer savings with long-term sustainability in mind. He has always valued input and expert guidance for city projects and initiatives. Jeff recently retired, and continues to serve as an At-Large Carmel City Council member. He has lived in Carmel for 32 years with his wife, Shari. Jeff and Shari have two grown children, Brad and Amy, both are married. As a family, they enjoy traveling, enjoying Carmel's trails and multi-use paths and spending time with friends and family.

Collaborative City Initiatives

By working together strategically regarding ideas and projects, Carmel will continue to be the best place to live in America. Worrell believes in discussing city challenges with the public and taking in feedback from residents. His goal is to always listen first, then find a solution that encompasses compromise and solutions. By promoting this type of collaboration, Carmel  can foster an engaged community.

Taxpayer Protection & Debt Management

Worrell is known as an exemplary city councilor for his approach and communication style for Carmel’s debt and taxes. Because of his careful attention to safeguarding the city’s finances, Worrell is able to work with his fellow city council members to provide high value services at a low cost to the citizens of Carmel.

Community Focused Leadership

Worrell has always had an empathetic, community-focused approach to service. He seeks to understand and connect with his community, then create solutions. His biggest desire is to connect with other Carmel residents each day through community meetings, city events, and personal interactions. Engaging in city initiatives with the community in mind creates a place where all people can feel comfortable, included, and proud to be Carmel residents.